Pageant Information
How to Finance your Pageant Entry

It is simple and fun to acquire Sponsors to assist you with the expense of being in a pageant.  Sell your ad page and sell your tickets!  Family & Friends will WANT to suport you!  List them by name in your program book ad!
Fun Events

Title-holders make appearances through-out their year, such as baby shows, parades and other pageants.
This pageant is a natural pageant to encourage young ladies to learn poise, grace and making new friends.  Everyone is a winner in our eyes.  While make-up is allowed, we encourage parents to use age appropriate guidlines for clothing, hair and use of make-up.  We encourage inner beauty and a good self-image and hope this is a positive, growth experience for your daughter.
OPTIONAL COMPETITIONS:  Participation in the optional competition does not affect the pageant results.  You do not have to participate.  For those who wish to showcase their talents or modeling skills, we have a Talent Competition and Sportswear Competition. 

The entry fee for each category is $50.  The First Place Winner in each competition will appear in the Pageant on Saturday evening.  In addition, they will receive a $100 cash prize and a trophy. 

Talent and Sportswear Modeling competitions will be held on Friday evening, following orientation and mini-rehearsal.  It will begin at 7pm.  Each contestant will need to provide their own CD music selection if needed.  A sound system will be available.  There will be a 5 minute time-limit on each entry.  There is no admission charge to view the competition.

Every contestant will be entered into the Miss Photogenic Competition, and the overall winner will be announced on pageant night with the winner receiving a $100 cash prize and a trophy.  Miss Photogenic will be judged by the ad pages and headshots that you submit.  So...get to work on making a great ad page and send us an awesome headshot.  Many times a local photography studio will be happy to provide you with images in exchange for photo credit or being listed as a sponsor on  your ad page!